Friday, May 11, 2012

It's the Fam!

Family.....such a precious word. The Hall family! You know the signs you see sometimes that you can hang in your home? "All because two people fell in love"! What a privilege to raise a family of five children together for God! 

Family....struggles sometimes. Yes, our family had and has them too. Misunderstandings, irritations, disagreements. But in the midst of all of those times were also the precious times. The times of introducing a new little one to the other kids. Family vacations with all seven of us stuffed into a minivan with all the ski equipment, coolers of food, luggage. No one could move; we were so packed in like sardines. Family game times. Birthdays. Weddings. It's a life together. Walking together in the grace of life. Learning, growing, loving no matter what.

Losing Bud to glory was a horrible shock to all of us as you can imagine. Yet in the midst of our grief, we  have experienced the deep love of God along with His never-ending grace. Times for all of us to be together are becoming very rare now that some are married and have moved away from home. The week following Bud's death, we were all here together. We laughed, teased, played games and tricks on each other, helped, and had a lot of fun.....all in the midst of our tears and sorrow. How can the two be mingled together? Joy and grief. I don't know except that is what happened. We are a family. How I thank God for this sweetness!

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  1. Sandy, you & Bud set an example for all of us at Evangel to follow. Jim & I so appreciated your ministry and friendship for so many years. You have a wonderful family to stand by you and take care of you. We really appreciated Bud's time in the pulpit when we were looking for a new pastor. Every week when he would get up to preach Jim & I both commented on how much more we were being fed spiritually and could see how the Lord was using Bud in this new ministry. We will continue to pray for God's grace and love to fill you during these difficult days of grieving. We love you and look forward to seeing you again here at Evangel.